5 Digital Marketing tips to upstart your Business in COVID-19


COVID-19 has affected various Industries across the world thus slowing the economy around.

The impact of the pandemic on various Industries was different. Largely Construction companies, Factories, and Travel – tourism sector were affected deeply. COVID-19, a pandemic created a New Normal around the globe influencing industries to adopt work from Home, Facial Attendance solution, Social distancing, Online Marketing, and allowing Industries to transform Digitally.

Digital Transformation

Many Industries were lacking Digital presence which affected their brand awareness and connectivity with their customers. Digital platforms usage has been increasing tremendously due to the large dependence on Digital news, trends, information, and entertainment. When various magazines, newspaper industry were affected their digital version were throbbing with huge traffics.

It is always better to adopt strategy pit stops and to inspect opportunities and threats, strengths, and weaknesses, but now organizations need to understand to use a wide-angle lens, recognizing that competitive sets are changing, as is consumer and buyer behavior.

1. Increase your Reach and Grow Faster!

It means faster and better utilization of information, driven by the digital economy and the adoption of technology as an enabler. An effective way to view this, and to knock down the internal conflict, is to describe target customer and client journeys and their user experiences to identify errors, optimizations, and potential for collaboration. The shift from running unproductive efforts within siloes, to launching functional operational improvement programs organized around journeys. Focus on the customer experience; it can reveal opportunities to simplify and streamline user paths and processes that will then result to massive value.

  • Advertise on Social platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ).
  • Perform SEO for Website or Application – Increase search visibility for trending Keywords.
  • Optimize Images with trending Keywords.
  • Post and Share Blogs or articles.
  • Run Ads related to your business.

2. Re – Target your Audience

As per the latest research No audience get converted in first impression and in order to get the conversion campaign should be re targeted to the specific set of audience who has interacted with the Ad creatives either it can be Video – Played, Likes, Comment or Clicks.

3. Send Emails to Audience

Attracts audience to share their Email Ids via campaign or newsletter/ subscription options.

Make a list of your subscribers as per their interests and demographics. Create Content related to your subscriber, avoid promoting your services or products directly. Share Customers Pain points and offer the value proposition of your products and services.

4. Engagement on Social Media Platforms

  • Optimize Social Media Pages. Syndicate NAP on it.
  • Share blogs & content related to your business and as per audience general interest.
  • Share your views, products, services on groups
  • Get reviews from your customers
  • Boost your content to target audiences.

5. Continuously, Interact with Audiences

  • Engagement is key to get more visitors to your website. A large number of visitors will increase the conversion ratio.
  • People attract to engaging content. Perform research on content via various tools that provide audience insights related to the various categories.
  • Improve Local presence on Google, optimize local business by adding images, service details, description, Business hours, Address, and perform SEO Optimization. Track visitors via Google search console and Google Analytics.



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